North Sea Gas, Fracking Gas and Argon Gas. The battle for warmer homes.

Published: 19/09/2012

NO ONE’S going to argue that is doesn’t get pretty cold here in Aberdeenshire.

In fact the lowest recorded temperature in Aberdeen was nearly minus twenty which is enough to force anyone to wear a hat. Here in Europe’s Oil Capital we have been the power house for warm British homes for nearly 40 years but recently that has changed. Whilst North Sea gas looks to become less of a feature over the next few decades which gas will be more important – fracking or Argon? Companies like Safestyle UK think that the future for warmer homes lies in heat conservation rather than generation.

Fracking gas or shale gas is still natural gas but the strength of negative feeling around it is significant. In the USA customers are currently enjoying a dip in the price of natural gas for their homes which is known as theFracking Gas Bubble. Experts are wondering when that bubble will burst. Shale gas is extracted differently to North Sea Gas.

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