Plain English: Cutting through commercial energy jargon

Published: 18/10/2012

ENERGY provider British Gas makes things simpler for customers after new survey shows one in four say they are spending too long managing their energy bills and contract renewals.

In the current economic climate, no business wants to spend time trying to decipher complicated bills. A recent survey of 1000 businesses revealed that most bill payers couldn't define the terms on their bills including 'kilowatt hour', 'out of contract', 'deemed pricing' and 'unit price'. ¹

The results sparked British Gas into working closely with commercial training firm, Plain English Campaign (PEC), to produce a new guide that helped consumers understand their bills and reduce their administration time. This action produced immediate results with industry watchdog, Which?, recently rating British Gas with five stars for having simple, clear bills after examining the key communications sent out by the energy provider.

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