Retro scooter well worth a look

Published: 21/08/2013

Made in India, styled in Italy and sold in the UK, The LML Star 125 Automatica brings retro scooter styling and an automatic drivetrain together to give the best of both worlds.

I’ve ridden traditional geared scooters for more than 25 years and as this model is based on the classic Vespa PX (LML built Vespas under licence from Piaggio for the Indian market), it feels instantly familiar but slightly odd at the same time. There’s no footbrake, the hand gear-change is missing and the clutch lever has been replaced by a rear brake.

Modern (or novice) scooter riders will find things much more natural though because the LML uses a run-of-the-mill four-stroke automatic engine and all the controls are as you’d expect: two brake levers and a throttle. Simples. The 125cc engine has a vertical layout, which is meant to place more weight towards the front of the scooter to aid handling.

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