Upgrading to a new Business Telephone System

 If your company doesn’t tend to deal with clients on a face to face basis, then you’ll know just how important it is to have a fast, efficient and reliable business telephone system. A Plain Old Telephone Service – otherwise known as ‘POTS’ – will usually suffice if you’re selling from the shop floor, and your service ends once the transaction is complete.

However, if your company delivers its product remotely, or provides an on-going service to clients, then it’s vital to offer a business telephone system that effectively meets your customers’ needs.

Companies often upgrade their telecommunications when they’re undergoing significant growth, and have increased in size to a degree that an existing business telephone system can no longer handle traffic efficiently.

At a time like this, it’s crucial to consider future needs as well as your current situation, particularly if you expect your business to keep on growing at a steady rate. You’ll want a scalable system that can be adapted to meet new requirements, with the ability to add new extensions with ease.

Some companies might want staff members to use individual voicemails, while others will prefer a centralised system that is easy to manage. Many telecommunications packages feature remote voicemail collection and call forwarding, which are both ideal if your business has a number of employees that work remotely.

Depending on how you operate, you might also want to consider teleconferencing and a route-to-fax functionality as part of your business telephone system, as both features can be useful for improving efficiency.

Alongside the core functionality of your new business telephone system, you might want to consider one or more additional services that can change the way your business operates. Call hunting will ensure that the phone is always picked up, by forwarding the call to another line if there’s nobody at the original extension. This is a particularly useful for sales departments, as salesmen often work to varied schedules.

Even with a call forwarding service, your top salesman might not able to pick up the phone, and a call hunting service will make sure that a potential client always gets to speak to a human voice. Some businesses can also benefit hugely from an auto-attendant service, which provides customers with a recorded greeting, and can help route calls correctly.

As well as improving efficiency, you can use an auto-attendant service to provide information to clients, which can answer a general query in a quick and effective manner without the need for human contact. Ultimately, your business telephone system can have a huge impact on your company’s operational efficiency, so it’s vital to make sure that you pick a package that covers all the bases.

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