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Harvey Aberdein: Don’t panic

October 20, 2016

The presidential race in America is always a fascinating affair – none more so than the current battle which has pitch establishment figure Hillary Clinton against political maverick Donald Trump.

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Alan Savage: This was the year that was

December 23, 2015

Another year goes by and it doesn’t get any easier. The price of a barrel is 10% down on this time last and now hovers just over $40! The Saudis are playing very hardball with the Frackers and continue to pump full bore.

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Alan Savage: Keep the lights on with Hinkley

August 15, 2016

I found it incredible that the Brexit mafia headed by Theresa did a back summersault and put Hinkley on hold. I am sure the French and Chinese are livid. In my opinion rightly so. Peeing off the Chinese is mind numbing after The Brexit mafia lied their way into dumping our biggest trading partner, the EU. China is growing and trading with China is the future.

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Martin Gilbert: All things great and small – the critical importance of all infrastructure

September 19, 2016

The three bridges which span the Firth of Forth at or near Queensferry – the Forth Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge and the soon to be completed Queensferry Crossing – are potent symbols of how important it is to invest in infrastructure. They are all grand structures but we should not forget that the infrastructure you can’t see is as vital to the success of an economy as that which you can.

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Alan Savage: You promised – now deliver

May 16, 2016

In this day and age, it’s sometimes hard to believe that in the time it takes to clock in for work first in thing in the morning and clock back out for lunch, you’d be hard pressed to have made the train journey all the way from Glasgow to the Granite City or, dare I say it, the wonderful capital of the Highlands.

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Martin Gilbert: My clear dedication to apprenticeships will continue

March 20, 2017

Away from the news of Aberdeen Asset Management’s proposed merger with Standard Life, Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2017 was held earlier this month. Under the auspices of Skills Development Scotland (SDS) it provided another successful boost to the promotion of apprenticeships. This year’s theme was “apprenticeships are changing” and more than 200 events organized in different Scottish local authority areas highlighted this development.

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Alan Savage: A really great country and perspective

May 15, 2017

As we enter the summer months, I’m reminded about the number of tourists who flock to Scotland for their holidays each year. VisitScotland’s latest figures show we receive 15million visitors a year, translating to income of £5billion. It is a sizable audience to which we can showcase our wares.

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Rita Marcella: popular careers as seen on screen

December 19, 2016

Over many years in academia I have pondered how and why particular careers seem overwhelmingly attractive to young people, in particular of course university applicants, while others seem to languish and require constant efforts on the part of well-meaning practitioners to “sell” their appeal.