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Eating out: The Davron Hotel, Rosehearty

July 19, 2018

Standing on the white, sandy beach, the water gently lapping the shoreline was a beautiful shade of turquoise blue. The sun was beating down from a cloudless sky and the only sound to be heard was the occasional twang of a mast halyard of a wee yacht moored in the harbour.


Eating out at The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

August 30, 2018

Aviemore is a holiday destination that truly has something for everyone, whether that be nightlife, exploring the great outdoors or treating yourself to a bit of pampering. But what about eating out? Sure, there are plenty of little eateries dotted throughout the main thoroughfare, but where should the discerning YL restaurant reviewer head to carry out an undercover critique?


Restaurant review: Dornoch Castle Hotel

May 26, 2018

Dornoch Castle Hotel is one of Sutherland’s landmark buildings and sits in a prime spot opposite the 17th-Century cathedral once at the centre of a media storm after pop singer Madonna – then at the height of her fame – and film director Guy Ritchie had their baby Rocco christened there 18 years ago.


Plaza the destination of choice

November 4, 2015

It's eight years since I swapped Aberdeen for a life in the Highlands but I still visit the Granite City regularly. Each time I return I'm struck by how the city continues to evolve and grow, and that extends to areas outwith the city centre, such as Dyce. What was once a sleepy parish is now bustling alongside Aberdeen International Airport. With holidaymakers, business travellers and thousands of offshore workers visiting each week, Dyce has more than its fair share of places to eat, but new venues are always welcome.


Eating out at Tartan Tapas, Inverness

August 22, 2018

"How do you fancy going out for lunch?” Words which are sure to raise my spirits. As soon as my other half had uttered them I was imagining a nice cosy bistro or perhaps one of those trendy minimalist modern establishments. I was salivating at the prospect.


Restaurant review: A darling by the sea

March 31, 2018

“Anchors away!” is usually the cry that signals a safe and welcoming haven for ships at sea, but we bumped into not one but two anchors on sentry duty just inside the entrance to The Silver Darling restaurant at Aberdeen Harbour.


Fine dining at Crowne Plaza is runaway success

February 10, 2019

Airport hotels live in a peculiar world which revolves around flight timetables and guests arriving or leaving at speed and possibly without much expectation about the cuisine, such is the basic functionality of it all – a bed for the night and then off again on your travels.


Review: Filling family fare at Dyce Farm

June 24, 2018

Not being a regular flier, it had been a long time since I’d been out by Aberdeen airport. So I was amazed to see the changes that have taken place when I found myself in the area recently. Not least the arrival of Dyce Farm, sandwiched in between the new Crowne Plaza and Moxy hotels, and opposite the Aberdeen International Business Park.


Eat to the Beat

June 13, 2014

Following its successful launch at the end of last year, Aberdeenshire-based jazz singer Cindy Douglas’s venture, Eat to the Beat, has now hit the road, with dates being planned for all around Scotland.


There’s no fooling Mary Berry

February 15, 2016

In 45 years of writing cookery books, Mary Berry has seen many a newfangled device bid for a permanent space on her spotless worktops. But the latest one – the spiralizer – hasn’t passed the all-important Berry test.