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Tackling the stigma of hearing loss

November 15, 2017

Living in a world of muffled noise or even complete silence is incredibly isolating for those suffering from hearing loss, and yet it can take someone up to a decade to get their hearing checked out.

Health and Beauty

Six beard styles for you to try in 2017

January 5, 2017

A new year means it’s time for a new you and, as we all know, the perfect way to transform the body and soul is through your facial hair. To give you hairy fresh-starters a hand, here are six beard styles you can try in 2017.  

Health and Beauty

Make 2017 the year you Change Your World

January 23, 2017

In times of political, economic and social unrest it can be easy to fall into a bit of a negative slump. But a new event is coming to Inverness in April, designed to improve not just an individual’s mind and body, but the world around them too.