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Alan Savage: A really great country and perspective

May 15, 2017

As we enter the summer months, I’m reminded about the number of tourists who flock to Scotland for their holidays each year. VisitScotland’s latest figures show we receive 15million visitors a year, translating to income of £5billion. It is a sizable audience to which we can showcase our wares.

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Martin Gilbert: My clear dedication to apprenticeships will continue

March 20, 2017

Away from the news of Aberdeen Asset Management’s proposed merger with Standard Life, Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2017 was held earlier this month. Under the auspices of Skills Development Scotland (SDS) it provided another successful boost to the promotion of apprenticeships. This year’s theme was “apprenticeships are changing” and more than 200 events organized in different Scottish local authority areas highlighted this development.

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Rita Marcella: Happiness, is it the greatest gift?

February 20, 2017

Having considered resilience last month, I've decided to maintain a thematic approach to the column by considering happiness, what it is, which behaviours can encourage happiness in yourself and others and whether personality type might lead one to be a happier or less happy person. For it is a truth often observed that it is not the challenges that life throws at people and organisations that cast us down, that people can laugh and be happy (or at least stoical) in the face of huge threats. Equally we see every day evidence that it is not just wealth, status and material possessions that make people happy. So what does make us happy?