Nothing dreich about this encounter

June 3, 2016

Press and Journal columnists The Flying Pigs are back with a brand-new show. Cheryl Livingstone speaks to Craig Pike about why it’s good to laugh at yourself


Joe plays it for laughs

February 5, 2016

Self-proclaimed ‘absolute lad’ Joe Lycett, recently announced as the new host of the Radio 4 panel show It’s Not What You Know?, is back with a new stand-up show which visits Aberdeen next week


Q&A: Rich Hall

January 28, 2016

The wonderfully acerbic comedian Rich Hall is about to come on stage, and he would like your undivided attention, writes James Rampton


Jane’s happy to play it straight

January 28, 2016

While still game for a laugh, Jane McCarry is happy to spread her wings and show there’s more to her than being Scotland’s top nosey neighbour, writes Susan Welsh


Looking ahead to a year of top acts

January 15, 2016

Whatever the weather holds, the outlook is sunny for the Highlands and islands this year, thanks to a host of top-class entertainment and events taking place, writes Susan Welsh


My weekend: Daniel Sloss

November 27, 2015

When does your weekend start? I don’t really have weekends with this job. That’s not to say I don’t get drunk and have fun. I do. But on weekends I’m normally gigging until about 11pm, so sometimes I want to get drunk, and other times I want to go to bed. But on tour I also have lots of midweek gigs, so it’s the same thing. I’ll accidentally get drunk on a Wednesday if the audience are particularly fun.


Q&A: Andy Parsons

November 19, 2015

James Rampton caught up with Andy Parsons ahead of the comedian’s visit to Aberdeen