Meet the graduate

Iona Foubister

23 year old Iona Foubister from Keithhall, Inverurie, is a graduate building surveyor for FG Burnett. Her qualifications are a BSC (Hons) in Building Surveying. Q. WHAT DOES YOUR JOB INVOLVE? A. My job varies significantly from day to day and project to project. I recently completed a refurbishment of an office on Union Street... Read Full Story

Remember when there was a job advert for a WATERSLIDE TESTER?

Fun is maybe not a word a lot of people would associate with their job – but then they don’t have a job like this one. In 2013, one lucky student from Somerset landed “the best job in the world” when he won a competition to be a waterslide tester for First Choice – and... Read Full Story

Four shipwrecks Stonehaven-diver Rod Macdonald has explored under the sea

It sounds like a dream job doesn’t it? Exploring battleships deep under the sea. Well for Stonehaven-based diver Rod Macdonald, it is his full-time job – that and writing books about his adventures. Here are four of the most interesting places he has explored. 1. Been diving the remaining three battleships and four light cruisers... Read Full Story

How would you like to spend your eight hour working day under the sea?

Rod Macdonald is a man of many talents. For 30 years, he was a solicitor and still had time to dive into the deepest darkest waters to explore shipwrecks – and then write books about his adventures. Then he turned 50 and decided to make his writing and diving career a full-time job. The Stonehaven... Read Full Story

Find out how Scottish fairytales inspired one American author

Roy and Jessica

Fairy tales created from the mind of her Scottish father-in-law have opened up the world of children’s book illustration for American-born Jessica Stafford Cameron. When her father-in-law began writing stories for his grandchildren to entertain them while he babysat, Jessica Stafford Cameron was enchanted. The tales she heard Sir Roy Cameron – Jessica’s Scottish husband’s... Read Full Story

Find out how the general election result might affect people working in Scotland

While you may think David Cameron’s outright victory in this month’s general election would have a clear impact in terms of employment law and workers’ rights, constitutional issues with both Europe and Scotland could throw this into question. We do know the Tories are committed to continuing to implement business-friendly policies to help shore up... Read Full Story

A guide to how you can overcome fear of public speaking

Karran Bonner explains how she has transformed from hating public speaking to enjoying the experience over the past seven years. I used to dread speaking in public. I severely lacked confidence in the importance of my voice and opinion early in my career and it was not until I worked with a coach to develop... Read Full Story

Find out what a day in the life of an apprentice is like

Stevie Low

18 year old Stevie Low is an operations apprentice for Aberdeen Asset Management. Here is a day in her life. MY MORNING I stay at Rosehill and depending on the weather I will walk to our offices at Union Plaza, just off Union Street, or take the bus. As I’m taking driving lessons just now,... Read Full Story

Four stars of The Apprentice and where they are now

Lord Alan Sugar

To mark 10 years since The Apprentice UK first appeared on our televisions, we follow the career path of some of the contestants after leaving the show. 1. Saira Khan – Runner-up in 2005   Before The Apprentice she was an account manager for McVitie’s, taking cases of Hobnobs and Rich Tea biscuits around cash... Read Full Story

Four essential items to make the perfect home office

Whether you already have a home office to spruce up or if the idea of running your empire in your pyjamas a few days a week appeals to you, have the four best picks to make your working ‘nest’ the best.   1. Keep your creative mess in order with these handy Vitra Tool... Read Full Story

Working together to produce skills of tomorrow

A leading north-east apprentice training organisation, with a long and established partnership with one of the region’s top engineering companies, provides practical training and assessment in craft, technical and business modern apprenticeships. ITCA Training, based at the Kirkhill Industrial Estate at Dyce, has been working with Turriff-based ACE Winches since 1997 providing modern apprenticeship training... Read Full Story

Safety trickles down from rigs to classrooms

A leading safety training firm has helped a local school to encourage safe thinking and improve safety behaviours of pupils by hosting a bespoke training workshop. Falck Safety Services, a global leader in health, safety, survival and wind training, partnered with North Sea oil producer, EnQuest and behavioural safety specialists, CPD Training to deliver tailored... Read Full Story

Engineered for success

Chris Reid, 38, is a key account manager for Fisher Offshore. Here is a day in his life. MY MORNING My morning routine, which usually takes place between 6.30am and 8am, is often dictated by what humour my children wake up in. If my daughter finds the dress to match her favourite shoes and my... Read Full Story

Meet the Graduate

Laura Dunlop a trainee solicitor in dispute resolution with Aberdein Considine.

Laura Dunlop is a 26-year-old trainee solicitor from Aberdeen for Aberdein Considine. She is based at Justice House, Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen. Her qualifications are: Masters in Advocacy (LLM), Diploma in Legal Practice (Dip LP), Law Degree with French (LLB (Hons)) WHAT DOES YOUR JOB INVOLVE? I act on behalf of clients in a wide... Read Full Story