The next iPhone could come in red

December 13, 2016

The next step in the evolution of the iPhone is a constant point of speculation, but the 2017 handset is particularly important as is it will mark the tenth anniversary since the phone’s launch.


Google’s April fools cost man job

April 1, 2016

Google has been forced to remove a feature added to its Gmail service as an April Fool’s prank after it sparked a backlash among users who claimed it was costing them potential jobs.


This software can make your old computer new again

March 10, 2016

The life cycle of technology products has never been lower – in many cases it’s down to a year or less, and frankly a lot of us struggle to keep up when faced with the choice of either paying out again or becoming “outdated”.

Politics opinion

VIDEO: Key Scot’s role in new branch of Science

February 15, 2016

MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, speaks about his double interest in Gravitational Waves as both a Trekkie and a Glasgow University Doctor. The former First Minister highlights the role which Scots have played in the new and innovative branch of science, first theorized by refugee, Albert Einstein.