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News Feature

My Younger Days – Part One

November 18, 2016

George Smith, 81, was brought up in Aberdeenshire and has worked on various farms in the area. This is part one of a letter which he wrote, about the ups and downs of his younger days.


Ocean superfoods

April 24, 2016

We all know fish and seafood can be good for us, but which ones should we be eating and why? From brain boosts to staving off depression, Abi Jackson scales through the ocean's superfoods



March 20, 2016

Want to make the most of those beautiful spring bouquets? Kate Whiting reveals seven ways to make blooms last longer

News Feature

Let’s get loopy about knitting

February 13, 2016

Forget baking and cooking, the next traditional craft to get a big, sexy makeover and attract thousands of fans is knitting. Just watch out for hundreds of knitted Nessies!



February 6, 2016

They say every picture tells a story, and that is what Skye photographer Rosie Woodhouse hopes is the case with her series of images from a recent trip to Jordan to speak to refugees



January 31, 2016

The biggest sign a man’s having a midlife crisis is a flashy red sports car on the drive, right? Not any more...



January 9, 2016

Orkney is a place of great beauty and isolation and as a remarkable new memoir reveals, a place which helped one young woman with her battle with alcoholism. Author Amy Liptrot shares her story of a life filled with highs and lows with Susan Welsh


Lifeline for loving pet owners

December 19, 2015

A pet can be a lifeline to those living alone, but what happens when money gets tight? Some would rather feed a pet and starve themselves, according to one remarkable woman who is helping feed hundreds of animals across the Highlands, writes Susan Welsh


Aberdeen family back campaign which could save babies’ lives

December 5, 2015

All one Aberdeen family wanted for Christmas was to have their little boy home from hospital. Their wish has come true  –  now they want to help others by highlighting the need for a specialist scanner which could save the lives of Scottish children born with heart defects


Top Christmas tree tips

November 29, 2015

Thinking of buying a real Christmas tree? Expert David Mitchell offers top tips for choosing the right one and keeping it looking fresh throughout the festive season


Dreaming of a future

September 19, 2015

As thousands continue to flee war-torn Syria, Laura Redpath identifies the troubles people are facing in refugee camps and the steps being taken to help tackle the crisis



September 12, 2015

Susan Welsh meets a remarkable Skye man willing to pay £50,000 to have his head removed and cryogenically preserved after his death


Playing a part in history

September 5, 2015

What began as a quiet afternoon ended up as a voyage of discovery connected to one of history's darkest periods for one Aberdeen family, writes Laura Redpath


Women Together

August 29, 2015

With the number of members falling dramatically, a group of young women, the Deen Divas, aim to breathe new life into the Scottish Women’s Institute and save it from disappearing altogether, writes Susan Welsh


Putting aside a life in harm’s way

August 8, 2015

As the bodyguard of Princess Diana, Mohamed Al Fayed, Alex Salmond and a score of other celebrities including Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone, Moray father Lee Sansum has spent the majority of his years risking his  life to protect others. But now, after a near-death experience in Libya, his wife is trying to protect him



July 25, 2015

Being the only transgender on a small Hebridean island meant having to lead a double life. Susan Welsh talks to the remarkable Julie Clarke, whose journey  has been both heartwarming and brave


Back from the grave?

July 18, 2015

In 1921 a stone pillar was erected in the grounds of Kirkton of Skene’s churchyard to commemorate local men and boys who lost their lives during the Great War.


Help me mum

May 30, 2015

Twenty years after she first hit the headlines for standing shoulder to shoulder with her daughter after she became embroiled in a bitter cross-Atlantic custody battle, Scots grandmother Flora Dempster is back to tell her own side of the story


Keeping germs at bay

May 24, 2015

We're a nation obsessed with public hygiene, if recent survey findings are anything to go by. Clean up your act with these expert tips

News Feature

Our mercy mission to Kathmandu

May 16, 2015

In the midst of the Kathmandu earthquake, three brothers-in-law – including north-east mariner Dean Southall – set off on a UK rescue mission to help traumatised workers in a Nepalese clothing factory. Dean tells their harrowing story


Broken leg led to a shattered life

May 9, 2015

A footballer who lost a leg after doctors failed to diagnose his cancer will finally have his day in court after he decided to sue the health board for negligence. YL speaks to him about how these tragic events have changed his life



April 25, 2015

With only 40 days left to raise £100,000 for her cancer-stricken toddler, Eileidh, Gail Paterson shares her story of an emotional road to Hell with Susan Welsh


Our online bargain hunt turned to Hell

April 18, 2015

The recent brutal attack on brothers James and Peter Stewart is a reminder to us all of the dangers of buying products online. But for one Shetland couple, it brought back memories of a similar terrifying experience of their own