Here are some great reads from our Impact team that you may have missed.

The Exploited: Human trafficking in the north and north-east exposed

Human trafficking and modern slavery is right on our doorsteps. Our special investigation reveals how organised crime gangs now run a marketplace where humans are being sold or exploited in our communities for sex and labour.

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MLM: A financial saviour or an easy way to lose money?

For this investigation, we spoke to women from our area about their experiences of multi-level marketing. Many told us stories about how they lost hundreds of pounds after signing up but others say they did find success, particularly during the pandemic.

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A History of Drugs

We tell the inside story of how the drugs problem exploded in the north-east in the early 1980s.

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The series also features a one-hour podcast special. Listen to it here. 

The 06:54 from Stonehaven: Analysis, investigation and how a community pulled together in the face of tragedy

With the co-operation of those closest to this tragedy, we bring you a series of reports looking at the human impact of the crash, the circumstances that led to the incident, and hail those who responded so magnificently in the hours, days and weeks which followed.

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Spikkin Scots: Reclaiming Scotland’s mither tongue

We explore exactly what Scots is and where it came from, as well as digging deep into the unexpected revival of our native tongue and what it means for modern Scotland.

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King of the Swindlers

The inside story on the north-east financial adviser, who stole £13 million from hundreds of his own clients.

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The Hidden Hurt

Three women… One stabbed to death. One raped. One took her own life. A special investigation into domestic abuse being suffered by young women in Scotland.

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