Tenant Farming Commissioner extends review into code of agents

Scottish tenant farming commissioner Bob McIntosh

Scotland’s Tenant Farming Commissioner is to extend a review into the conduct of agents when acting on behalf of tenant farmers and landlords.

Evidence has already been collected by Commissioner Bob McIntosh on the views and experiences of tenant farmers and landlords with regards the conduct of agents acting on their behalf.

Further interviews will now be carried out to explore the reasons behind some tenants and landlords saying they were dissatisfied with agents.

“A substantial amount of evidence has been collected by means of an independent survey and is providing a clear picture of the views of landlords and tenants on the conduct of agents acting on their behalf,” said Mr McIntosh.

“We now want to dig deeper into the reasons behind expressions of dissatisfaction through follow up interviews with a sample of the respondents who were not satisfied with the conduct of an agent working for them or for the other party.”

He said a summary report of the full findings will be discussed with key representative bodies before a final report with recommendations is submitted to government ministers.

“Agents play an important role in facilitating the relationship between landlord and tenant. A good agent can deliver for the client while maintaining sound professional standards and avoiding souring the landlord/tenant relationship,” added Mr McIntosh.

“It is the responsibility of everyone involved to work together to ensure that this approach is the norm.”