Tractor giant’s restyling job on 5M and 5E models

John Deere 5058E tractor

John Deere has introduced a number of changes to its lower horsepower 5M and 5E Series tractors, which go up to 115 horsepower (hp).

The machinery giant has extended the 5E range with the addition of the 49hp 5050E – the smallest agricultural tractor available from John Deere.

In the 5M Series, the 5090M has been introduced to replace the 5085M in the four-model range – the other models in the range are the 5075M, 5100M and the 5115M.

“All are equipped with Stage IIIB compliant John Deere PowerTech PWX engines – a 2.9-litre three-cylinder unit on the 5075M, and a 4.5-litre four-cylinder unit on the three bigger models,” said John Deere.

All models come with a choice of 16/16 PowrReverser or 32/16 PowrReverser Plus transmissions, plus 94-litre/min open centre hydraulics and three pto system options.

The restyled tractors feature an updated cab to include a new digital display and a redesigned gear lever with a new declutch function.

The models are also now available with larger 540/65R38 rear tyres, although the turning radius remains low at only four metres.

Tractors in the range have also had their rear hitch capacity increased to 4.32 tonnes and payload to 7.5 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the newly designed 5E Series three-cyclinder tractors for 2018 are said to feature enhanced operator comfort and a fuel efficient PowerTech E engine.

The maximum power ratings of the 5050E, 5058E, 5067E and 5075E models are 49, 60.3, 68.5 and 74.7hp respectively.

All 5E Series tractors come with a choice of two transmission options – a basic 12/12 PowrReverser and a new 24/12 PowrReverser unit with a top speed of 40kph.

The standard 540rpm pto operates at a rated engine speed of 2,100rpm, while the 540E economy version runs at 1,600 engine rpm.

Cab comfort has also been increased with the option of a new air suspension seat and a new right hand control console.