Cuban export market for Scottish seed potatoes

The guide has been produced by AHDB.
The guide has been produced by AHDB.

Scottish seed potato growers are being urged to consider Cuba as an export destination for their produce.

It follows meetings between Cuban Government officials and farm levy body AHDB.

Although GB producers are technically able to export to Cuba, they have not been able to take advantage of the market due to a lack of awareness of how to get products into the country. However, fresh discussions have led to the development of a clear process for exporting product into Cuba.

AHDB head of crops export trade development, Rob Burns, said: “This a good potential market for us and during our visit, officials said that the Cuban Government is keen to expand its portfolio of seed supplies and would welcome imports from Great Britain.

“With this in mind, we also met with Alimport, the company owned by the Cuban Government which facilitates the importation of all crop products into Cuba. These discussions have allowed us to draft a straightforward export procedure, supported by SASA (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture), and already GB exporters have said they will take advantage of it.”

Cuba currently imports 17,000 tonnes of seed every year, mainly from the Netherlands and France.

Mr Burns said: “Great Britain is looked on favourably by the Cuban Government due to our high health status, so any exporter looking for new markets should seriously consider this opportunity.”

Anyone interested in nominating crops for Cuban exports is asked to send a list to SASA by the end of June and SASA will work with Alimport to identify Cuban companies looking for GB seed.