Books: Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs and Mud by B.D. McKay


Published by Precarious Books

Having worked in the madhouse that is the film and television world, author Dennis McKay, known as BD, sought sanity in the oil and gas industry, where he worked for 15 years offshore in the North Sea as a drilling fluids engineer.

Realising that this weird, wacky and wonderful world needed its own novel, Dennis set to work in between hitches.

Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs & Mud tells the story of Jamie Chivers, a young man whose first trip offshore takes an unexpected turn when the universally-loathed senior toolpusher is bludgeoned to death and tossed into a mud pit.

The entire crew become suspects, the police are useless, Jamie falls in love with a gorgeous Spanish logger and decides that he’d better solve the crime himself before anyone else bites the dust.

“There are such great characters working offshore,” said Dennis. “I thought it was time that someone gave them to the world. I hope that my affection for them and for the world shines through. What has been really gratifying has been the feedback from both men and women – whether they’ve worked on rigs or not. Everyone has loved the novel,” said Dennis who is currently working on a sequel to this book.