Book Review – Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman

Paperback by Virgin Books, £16.99.
Available January 28

Can fonts really alter the taste of your food? Or even change what certain words mean to you? One graphic designer certainly thinks typography plays a big influence in our lives and that we respond emotionally to fonts – whether we know it or not.

Sarah Hyndman, who has worked in the industry for over a decade, explains how fonts have different personalities while pointing out that there’s a subtle art behind how they elicit emotional responses. Hyndman uses the example of American clothes retailer Gap, who changed their logo five years ago to a new font, only to scrap its redesign and revert back to the original logo following protests from loyal customers.

The author also makes another point about typeface, saying that research suggests fonts on food packaging are “designed to stimulate a craving or hunger”.

Bottom line, next time you come across fonts splashed on a can of baked beans, or pick up a magazine with beautiful cursive writing, there’s a chance they are subtly speaking to you.

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