Facing the beast with Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D Hunter
Reginald D Hunter

For Reginald D Hunter, nothing beats the buzz of stand-up.

The American comedian says: “It’s the only time of day that everyone I’m talking to is smiling. It’s the only time of day that people are very happy to see me – I can’t even count on that from my own family!”

So it’s good news all round that Reginald is returning to the stand-up arena with a brand-new show titled Facing the Beast.

This spring, he is embarking on a comprehensive 40-date tour of the UK and Ireland, venturing up north this weekend to the Music Hall, Aberdeen, on June 1 and Eden Court, in Inverness, on June 2.

Over his two decades in the industry, Reginald has established himself as one of the most enigmatic performers at work in this country.

He lights up venues up and down the land with his searingly honest – sometimes provocative – material, with compelling routines which have attracted a multi-generational fan base.

“I adore the interaction with the audience,” he said.

“What I live for is those moments where something comes out of my mouth or an audience member’s mouth that completely surprises all of us. You can’t orchestrate that. That’s when you laugh till there are tears in your eyes.”

The comic, who hails originally from Albany, Georgia, particularly enjoys performing to British audiences.

“I love the fact that they will hear you out. I’m a black man from the south of the US. I was born in trouble, and I don’t expect no game to be 50-50. All I ask is that I know what the rules are going in.

“In the UK, the rules are simply these: You can talk about anything you want, no matter how graphic or goofy, as long as you’re funny. But if you talk about stuff that isn’t funny and isn’t going anywhere, you will be asking the Brits for your ass back.”

Reginald D Hunter’s Facing the Beast tour is stopping off in Aberdeen at the Music Hall on June 1 and at Eden Court in Inverness on June 2. For tickets, visit reginalddhunter.com