Missed out on Carmen in Duthie Park? Here are seven outdoor plays to see this summer

© DC ThomsonIllyria are performing three shows this summer
Illyria are performing three shows this summer

This week theatre-lovers got the chance to enjoy Carmen in lovely surroundings of Duthie Park.

But not to worry if you missed out – there’s plenty more outdoor theatre experiences for you to enjoy this summer.


The Three Inch Fools’s Macbeth, Craigievar Castle, July 17

The Three Inch Fools bring their acclaimed blend of music and Shakespeare to Craigievar, in the first of two productions coming to Aberdeenshire this summer.

Macbeth or the “Scottish play” is an undeniable classic and the backdrop of Craigievar combined with the fools fast-paced, musically-driven show should make this an evening to remember.

The performance will start at 7pm, for more information click here: 

Quantum Theatre’s The Wind in the Willows, Crathes Castle, July 19

Quantum theatre brings its acclaimed production of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved children’s story to Crathes Castle. Spend the evening delighting in the hi jinks of Mole, Ratty and the reckless ruffian Mr. Toad. The performance will start at 6:30pm, for more information, click here. 


The Three Inch Fools’s Much Ado About Nothing, Balmoral Castle, July 20

The Three Inch Fools deliver their take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, a fast-paced comedy full of quarrels and deceptions.

The fools will once again use an assortment of instruments to delight and entertain audiences at Balmoral. You can also expect plenty of multi-rolling and many quick costume changes along the way.  The performance will start at 7pm. For more information, click here. 


Illyria’s The Tempest, Drum Castle, July 24

World renowned play troupe, Illyria return to the north-east  in their swift and polished take on one of Shakespeare’s final plays – set under the imposing backdrop of Drum Castle.  The fantastical tale of the marooned magician Prospero, who shipwrecks his enemies, is one that still surprises nearly 400 years after it was written. The performance will start 7pm and gates open at 5pm. For more information, click here. 


Illyria’s Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Drum Castle, August 7

Illyria present their rendition of the famous tale from One Thousand and One Nights, the show was last performed by the troupe in 2003 and it received critical acclaim. Watch as a cast of five actors take on the roles of the forty thieves. And expect plenty of larger-than-life characters, and many laughs.

The performance will start 7pm and gates open at 5pm. For more information, click here. 

Chapterhouse Theatre Company’s Wuthering Heights, Pitmeddin Garden, August 14 and Crathes Castle, August 15

Touring for their twentieth year, Chapterhouse Theatre Company brings their production of Emily Brontë’s tale of passion and revenge to the north-east.

Wuthering Heights has thrilled readers and audiences alike for generations and now, it’s once again brought to life in the open air, under the stars. The performances will begin at  6:30pm at Pitmeddin and 6pm at Crathes. For more information click here.


Illyria’s Frankenstein, Drum Castle, August 13 and Pitmedden Garden, August 16


Illyria bring something different with their last tour of the season as with a musical take on Mary Shelly’s horror classic Frankenstein. With a fully orchestral score, spectacular stage effects, puppetry and humour Illyria look set to wow North East audiences. Suitable for ages 5+, The performances will start 7pm and gates open at 5pm at Drum and 6pm at Pitmedden. For more information, click here.