VIDEO: Highland rock band play eerie session on old organ found on abandoned island

A Caithness rock band staged an eerie recording session on an abandoned island after discovering an old organ inside a dilapidated school.

The six members of Neon Waltz decided to take a boat to the island of Stroma which has been abandoned for over 50 years.

Stroma was once a vibrant community of islanders living amid the treacherous tides of the Pentland Firth, but the settlement has sat empty since 1962.

The band thought pictures from the island, two miles north of John O’Groats, would make a nice backdrop for their forthcoming album Strange Hymns.

But whilst exploring an abandoned school house, they stumbled across a harmonium – which is also known as a reed organ.

Barely, if ever touched by a musician since the islander’s left, keyboard player Liam Whittles, 30, sat down at the keys and, against all odds, it worked.

Lead singer, Jordan Shearer, 25 accompanied by guitarist, Calvin Wilson, 28, then joined him at the harmonium for an impromptu session.

Miraculously, they eased the first song from the instrument in over half a century, producing a “hauntingly beautiful” rendition of their recent single, Heavy Heartless.

Photographer and video director, Ronan Park, said: “Stroma sits in view of where the band lives at the very northern tip of Scotland.

“It’s a fascinating place and perfect for their album cover photo shoot.

“We knew that the island’s properties had been left intact with some belongings left behind, but had no idea we’d stumble across a working musical instrument.

“What happened when Liam hit the keys of the harmonium took our breath away and the impromptu performance that followed was unforgettable.”