5 of the best mindfulness apps you need in your life

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Let’s be honest, we could all do with streamlining our smartphone use.

The mundane checking, swiping and scrolling we’re all guilty of can sometimes feel like a break from the stresses of the real world but really it isn’t doing us or our mental health any favours.

And yes, it might seem a bit counter-intuitive to use an app on our phones to
achieve this but it’s more about training ourselves to focus and not be bogged
down with other digital distractions.

So here are five of the highest ranked apps to help you master mindfulness in


Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: £3.99

Great for: Tailor-made tracks for the different parts of your day like
travelling, sleeping and being on a work break. The check-in system also makes it easy to log and monitor your progress.


Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: Free(ish) – the first 10 exercises are free, then users can sign up to
choice of subscription payment plans which start at £3.74 per month.

Great for: No-nonsense meditation for all levels with a handy buddy system so you can motivate your mates. Emma Watson’s also a fan so that’s a selling point in itself.


Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: Free(ish) – the first seven-day guided courses are free and then users
have the option to go on to a monthly subscription (£7.99) or the yearly one
(£29.99), which works out much cheaper.

Great for: Keeping it simple with options to either improve all-round general
well-being in 21-days, or sleep in seven days.


Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: Free(ish) – the introductory courses are free but if you want access to
the premium library, with 175 single meditation sessions, you’ll have to pay
£7.99 per month or 79p for an individual one.

Great for: Making your courses fit your schedule and preferences, with three
to-30 minute meditations available in both guided and silent.


Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: Mainly free, though a few specific classes can be bought in the app.

Great for: A focus on music with a unique mixing tool so users can adjust
whether they want more or less noise or speaking to suit the mood they’re in.