You can now buy a pair of £105 Snapchat glasses online

Snapchat has finally started selling its spectacles online.

This comes after a pop-up shop opened in New York and a series of ‘Snapbot’
vending machines appeared out of the blue to sell the glasses to the lucky few
who came across them last year.

The company is now selling the specs to anyone in the US via its online store
for £105.

The wireless sunglasses film circular video from a first-person perspective, and allow wearers to start recording at the touch of button on the frame.

They charge in their case, and are available in black, teal or coral.

A light on the rim warns those surrounding you that you’re recording them.

The vending machines proved incredibly popular, and there were 18-hour queues when the pop-up first opened, so for now online purchases are limited to six per customer.

Snapchat claims to have 150 million daily users who send their friends photos or video that disappear after viewing on the app.

Video recorded with the spectacles is saved straight to the viewer’s phone via
Bluetooth or Wifi, which they can then choose to send later.

The firm says the glasses are able to record a day’s worth of snaps on one