The moment AWPR worker had to be rescued from truck after driving into deep ditch

Aberdeen Roads Limited has been fined for polluting rivers while building the AWPR.

An Aberdeen bypass worker had to be rescued from a truck after driving into a deep ditch.

Transport Scotland officials confirmed last night an investigation has been launched into the incident, which took place around 11am on Thursday, near Newmachar Road, at the Parkhill Garden Centre.

It is understood the water in the ditch was between six feet and eight feet deep.

Construction has been continuing on the £745million Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, with the project scheduled to be completed next year.

But there have been numerous safety incidents during the creation of the new route.

Last September, work on parts of the AWPR had to be halted after a 29ft-high cage fell at the Goval Bridge section.

The incident emerged as photographs were released by workers on another section of the road, which showed an overturned digger on the A90 at Charleston.

A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “We take the health and safety of operatives working on [our] projects very seriously.

“We are aware that an incident has occurred on the AWPR/B-T site and a full investigation is currently ongoing.”