Campaigners hope to break the cycle with Union Street bike petition

Campaigners, including Rachel Martin, met on Union Street for a peaceful protest calling for Aberdeen City Council to add a bike lane to Union Street.

Cyclists have launched a campaign calling for a bike lane to be built on Aberdeen’s main shopping street to help improve their safety.

Campaigners protested on the city’s Union Street on Saturday hoping to drum up support for their cause.

Armed with bikes and colourful placards, the protesters highlighted their concerns to shoppers on the street and collected signatures on their petition.

Cyclists hope the council will agree to build a dedicated bike lane on the road with a safety barrier to separate them from motorists.

The petition will be submitted to the local authority’s petitions committee for formal consideration.

Protest organiser, Rachel Martin, compared cycling in the city to taking on an “extreme sport” leaving only people brave and confident enough to head out on the roads in heavy traffic surrounded by large lorries and buses.

She said: “We have a climate crisis, an obesity crisis, a congestion crisis, an NHS crisis, and a pollution crisis – and the bicycle can solve all of them.

“But people are not going to ride their bikes unless we provide safe spaces for them to use.”

Mrs Martin added: “By and large we have a lot of support.

“In one hour on Saturday we got more than 250 signatures – that’s more than four per minute.

“We have enough to submit it to the council’s petitions committee but I’m going to continue to collect signatures until their next meeting.”