Call to kick out litter at Aberdeen’s Hazlehead Park

Litter at Hazlehead Park.
Litter at Hazlehead Park.

Footballers are being urged to pick up their empty water bottles after their matches.

Concerns have been raised about the number of plastic bottles left lying around the pitches at Hazlehead Park in Aberdeen – despite the bins dotted around, and the nearby recycling centre.

Hazlehead councillor John Cooke urged players young and old to tidy up after themselves.

He said: “It’s very disappointing that folk can’t be bothered to take their litter away with them. I used to do a bit of youth football coaching, and we wouldn’t tolerate that sort of thing from the kids.”

Sport Aberdeen, which coordinates the teams that play at the park, is aware of the concerns and has now agreed to organise additional litter picks.

A spokesman said: “It’s very disappointing that some local users do not take their litter away or use the recycling points on site.

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“We provide bin bags to each team to assist them in keeping the pitches clear of litter.

“Sport Aberdeen prides itself on delivering high quality services and operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. It is regrettable that better use is not made of the recycling facilities available.

“To make sure this doesn’t happen again, we will put in place additional litter picking arrangements to ensure that all users accessing Hazlehead Park for sport and physical activity can do so in a high-quality environment.”