North-east serial violent attacker jailed for more than two years

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A serial violent attacker has been jailed for more than two years.

North east man, Lee Gibbon, went to a social gathering on June 9 this year and left with David Finch – who was previously unknown to him.

The two men wandered around Northfield looking for another party to attend and stopped at Eric Hendrie Park.

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But then, when Gibbon dropped a can of beer and Mr Finch went to pick it up, he pushed him to the ground and punched his head.

His victim ran to get away from him while leaving behind his backpack and a bike.

He arrived at a friend’s house at around 4am in the morning and the emergency services were contacted.

When he later returned to the park, he discovered that his belongings had been taken.

Some of these items were found, including a bank card, by council employees while evicting Gibbon from his council home.

They were handed over to the police and Mr Finch subsequently identified Gibbon as his attacker.

The thug also attacked another man, Francis Murison, while leaving a social gathering on a footpath on Coningham Terrace a few weeks later.

A local resident called for an ambulance after witnessing the victim being kicked repeatedly while on the ground.

Gibbon, 32, admitted carrying out the first assault and the theft of a backpack and bike on June 10 and the charge of assault to severe injury, which took place on July 25, during an earlier appearance in Aberdeen Sheriff Court where he returned yesterday to be sentenced.

Representing the prisoner of HMP Grampian, defence agent Keidra Morrison said her client, who has previously been jailed for an assault to severe injury, had got into trouble after losing his job in the oil and gas industry.

Imposing a sentence, Sheriff Jack Brown said: “I am satisfied that only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

He jailed him for 28 months.