Cyclists call on roads bosses to take action at ‘danger’ junctions on north-east road

North-east cyclists have called on roads bosses to take action at a dangerous junction before someone is hurt.

Local road users have highlighted two junctions at the new AWPR roundabout on the A944 Aberdeen to Strathdon road, which do not not have traffic lights.

Cyclists fear that there could be a crash with another vehicle while they are using the special path at the turn-offs for Westhill and Kingswells.

They have now enlisted the help of West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP Andrew Bowie to try to persuade Aberdeen City Council to tackle the problem, prior to somebody being injured – or worse – in the future.

One cyclist wrote a letter to the MP in which they warned it would only take “a split second lack of concentration” from a driver to miss a red light or forget to use an indicator.

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In his letter, he added that it was “just a matter of time until there’s a serious incident”.

Mr Bowie now plans to urge the city council to step in to safeguard local cyclists.

He said: “The point being made is clear – those using the existing paths fear that there could be a serious accident.

“Given the speed with which traffic moves through these junctions, and the unfamiliar layout of what is a brand new road, I can understand the concerns.

“I will be raising the matter with the local council to see what is being done to mitigate the risk of an accident.

“Cyclists should feel safe using the paths that are specifically designed for that purpose.”

However, the authority has said that because the roundabout was built in connection with the bypass, any action taken would be the responsibility of Transport Scotland.

A Transport Scotland spokeswoman said: “The South Kingswells Junction has been built in accordance with relevant standards.

“It can take some time for all road users to become accustomed to new road layouts and we ask drivers in particular to drive with additional caution until all road users are familiar with the new road layout.

“Road safety is our top priority and we have requested our technical advisers to closely monitor this area over the coming weeks.”