Litter marathon for north-east youngster

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A young eco-warrior has marked the first anniversary of his campaign – by doing a marathon litter-pick.

Thomas Truby collected hundreds of cigarette butts and crisp packets, alongside a moss-covered shoe, a baby’s dummy and a crumpled umbrella as part of his Litter Marathon.

The event marked one year since the eight-year-old created the Rubbish Club in his hometown of Torphins, to tackle to problems of litter and pollution.

Thomas Truby

Last week, Thomas collected around 10 bags of rubbish each day, taking them home to be sorted out for recycling.

Thomas said: “It’s the most litter-picking I’ve ever done in one week, and we’ve been around lots of different places.

“The worst parts was when I found a plastic bottle with a couple dead mice in it, they had got stuck in it, it was really sad.

“Sometimes you can litter-pick and litter-pick and not think you’re getting that far, but every bit does help.

“I keep doing it because I just want the world to be better for turtles and other animals, and not have rubbish in the sea and in their habitats.”

Two hour’s worth of litter picking at the outskirts of Sainsbury’s Garthdee, near the River Dee on Saturday

Mum Gayle Truby said: “We are proud of Thomas’s dedication.

“This week we’ve had people come up and ask what he’s doing, and hopefully that encourages them as well.

“Litter is still a huge problem and something people shouldn’t get complacent over.

“Litter-picking is a great way to get outside, do something a little different, and know you’ve made a difference.”

To follow along with Thomas’s mission against litter, go to