Back to the Future time travel car visits Aberdeen to rally support for new show

The north-east’s biggest Back To The Future fan dressed up as his hero and hopped into an exact replica of the film’s time-travelling car to promote a unique screening.

Movie fans were bewildered when it appeared that the two main characters in the 1985 classic had come to life and decided to see if they could reach the 88mph required for their DeLorean to leap forward in time by driving along Union Street yesterday.

But it was actually die-hard fan Graham Watt, and DeLorean owner Donna Henderson, who got into costume to rally support for a showing of the film at Aberdeen Music Hall later this month.

A live orchestra will perform the score as the picture is beamed onto a big screen at the recently revamped venue.

Mr Watt describes himself as the “world’s biggest Back To The Future fan” and will be among the audience on Monday, April 22.

He has a collection of replica props from the film and regularly turns up at comic conventions dressed as the Michael J Fox character.

And the 32-year-old wept when he set eyes on a real DeLorean for the first time, as the same car that visited yesterday took he and his wife to their wedding two years ago.

The Aberdeen Ladies under-16s football coach said: “I have always loved the film, and suggested bringing the DeLorean here would be a good way to promote the screening.

“It’s really nice to see crowds stopping to see what is happening.”

Eccentric professor Doc Brown adapts a 1981 DeLorean into a time machine in the movie, and classic car enthusiast Donna Henderson took her own model from Glenrothes to Aberdeen – before dressing up as the inventor to drive it.

Mrs Henderson had yearned to own her own version of the Northern Irish vehicle, and remortgaged her house to help pay the £30,000 asking price.

She now takes it to functions and weddings, where eager fans get to pose inside it.

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra will play during the screening, which will be the first time a performance of this nature has taken place at the Music Hall.

Marketing manager for Aberdeen Performing Arts, Andy Kite, said: “The orchestra will really bring the film to life, and an extra 20 minutes of music has been added to the score for this.

“When the Music Hall reopened we wanted to bring different and diverse performances and this fits the bill perfectly.”