Hopes for community council in Ferryhill and Ruthrieston

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A campaign has been launched to re-establish a community council in Ferryhill and Ruthrieston.

Organisers need to gather 20 signatures to petition Aberdeen City Council to hold elections.

A Facebook page has been set up to garner interest which has been liked by 67 people since the start of the month.

Campaigners are working towards a deadline at the end of June to have the 20 signatures, but admit to being some way off their target.

Ross Campbell moved to the area around a year ago. He previously served as a member of  Garthdee Community Council but, having left the area, was forced to resign.

Upon moving to Ferryhill the solicitor couldn’t believe there was not a community council there.

He said: “Whether people want to be heavily involved or not, it would be nice to know there is something available on top of the community centres, schools and sport centres.

“We need a community representative group that can feed into all these things and the city council.”

Former Ferryhill and Ruthrieston Community Councils have rallied around causes to save schools and protect local services.

But volunteer numbers have often dwindled when there hasn’t been a fight to win.

The ward’s city councillor have backed the idea but one of them, Alan Donnelly, gave a warning.

He said: “I’ve lived in Ferryhill for 30 years and in that time a lot community councils have come and gone.

“People’s time is precious – they will come forward with issues and once they are resolved they will kind of disappear.”