VIDEO: Susan Boyle makes north-east cancer charity’s dream come true

Susan Boyle performed her trademark song to hundreds of people at a north-east church yesterday as she sent a message of hope to cancer sufferers.

The Britain’s Got Talent star sang her famed version of I Dreamed a Dream in the humble surroundings of Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church.

After the performance, the crowd filed outside and held aloft glow sticks as they formed the shape of a huge anchor.

The touching spectacle was arranged by Eat on the Green owner Craig Wilson to raise £50,000 for the Friends of Anchor charity and inspire hope in people affected by the illness.

After watching the spectacle unfold, Miss Boyle described the occasion as “moving”.

She added: “It is wonderful to be here and be part of this magical event.

“There are no words to describe how fantastic it is to see so many people come out in support.”

Mr Wilson began the event by expressing his gratitude to the audience – each of whom donated £100 to Friends of Anchor in exchange for a ticket.

Compere, traditional singer Robert Lovie, commended Mr Wilson on organising the gathering within just five weeks.

Mr Lovie, Aberdeen singer Paul Black, fiddlers Barabara Anderson and Raymond Jappy and Scottish favourite Fiona Kennedy all performed before Miss Boyle took to the stage.

Mr Lovie described the star as having “the most amazing talent, which took the world and Simon Cowell by storm”.

Wearing a turquoise dress and pearl necklace, the singer entered the church to rapturous applause.

The 56-year-old showed some nerves as she had to restart the opening song Hallelujah and the subsequent Wings to Fly.

But after joking that she “couldn’t get away with that on TV”, she appeared to regain her confidence.

Surrounded by gently flickering candles, she introduced I Dreamed a Dream as “the one that started it all”.

The performance during which she wowed the TV show’s judges in 2009 has since been viewed 219million times online.

Many in the audience were seen wiping away tears as the powerful ballad reached its conclusion.

A group of 10 people from the Maggie’s cancer support centre in Aberdeen, all of whom have been affected by the disease, afterwards praised the “fantastic” show.

And Aberdeen eight-year-old Ellie Kerr said she “loved” Miss Boyle’s performance.