Water alert for guests at Aberdeenshire holiday resort used by Princess Diana after major leak

A Scottish Water tanker leaves the Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Craigendarroch after the luxury facility sprung a major leak earlier this week.

Guests at a luxury Deeside holiday resort are being urged to think before using too much water due to a “major” leak.

Water is being brought onto the Hilton Grand Vacations Club site, at Craigendarroch, near Ballater, in tankers due to the ongoing problem.

And management at the resort have sent letters to all guests, advising them of the problem.

The facility asked guests to be mindful of the amount of water they used during their stay as it had already lost a “significant” amount.

And one guest, who did not wish to be named, witnessed a Scottish Water contractor’s tank delivering water to the site after people were notified.

The letter states: “Please be advised we are currently investigating a major water leak on the estate. We are still determining the source of the leak and are having water delivered by tanker until the issue can be resolved.

“Due to the significant volume of water being lost, we would be appreciate your consideration regarding your water usage during your stay to ensure we can maintain our water levels.

“We will keep you advised if the situation is resolved before January 6.”

The facility, which is set in the grounds of the converted Craigendarroch House, was originally built by the Keiller family in 1891.

There are 99 lodges and 32 apartments across 33 acres as well as an exclusive country club and restaurant.

It was frequently used by Princess Diana, who took her sons William and Harry there.

Kevin Speidel, vice president, resort operations at Hilton Grand Vacation, confirmed no one had been turned away from the hotel and the problem was expected to be fixed by Saturday.

A Scottish Water spokesman confirmed the organisation had been assisting the site.

A spokesman said:“We have been in touch with the Craigendarroch Hotel about a suspected leak within their private network and are aware that efforts to locate and resolve this issue are continuing.

“The hotel is responsible for the maintenance of its own water pipes and tanks, but we continue to work with the customer to assist them where we can and to minimise risk of disruption for other customers in the local area.”