Tragic kayaker Dominic Jackson’s sister realises her dream of becoming a children’s author thanks to money left in his will

Ellie Jackson has now realised her dream of becoming a children’s author using money her brother left in his will.

Under the banner Wild Tribe Heroes, she has published two children’s books this year which focus on sea creature entanglements and ocean pollution.

She said: “I wrote them two years ago and sent them to Dom and he edited the first book ‘Duffy’s Lucky Escape’ for me just before he died – so some of the words are his.

“It’s a true story about a turtle who had swallowed some plastic.

Sister of tragic kayaker Dominic Jackson who drowned off the Moray coast hopes her new charity will help prevent any more deaths

“Dom loved turtles and was an avid beach cleaner and environmentalist – I’m certain the last thing he did before getting in the kayak would have been to do a beach clean.

“I would give anything to have him back but am hoping to make him proud through the books he has helped to create and in his legacy of hopefully teaching millions of children around the world about the problems of ocean plastic.”

She has received letters of congratulations from David Attenborough and Prince Charles for the books which are now being translated into several different languages and are being distributed worldwide.

Ms Jackson’s second book is entitled Marli’s Tangled Tale.

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