Bed mattresses, clothes and fizzy drinks cans – the rubble left by an Aberdeenshire lorry crash

Two lorries crashed leaving a pile of waste at the side of the A920 road yesterday.

Emergency crews were called out to the scene of the collision near Colpy in Aberdeenshire at about 11:15am.

The road was closed for over six hours as a recovery team cleared debris from the carriageway.

One of the vehicles, a Gogar Services waste lorry, had overturned into a field and its contents spilled out on to the road.

A pile of rubbish, including bed mattresses, clothes and fizzy drinks cans were left at the scene.

Three damaged trees also had to be cut down.

A police spokesman said: “One of the lorries involved in the accident had clipped a tree, and the council had to attend to help clear the road.

“We removed the vehicles shortly after 5pm, and the road reopened shortly after.

“Additional crews will attend the road tomorrow to deal with the rubbish left behind by one of the lorries.”

Council staff work to remove one of the damaged trees

A winch was used to recover the overturned waste lorry.