VIDEO: Motorist drives around A9 roundabout the wrong way… then does a u-turn

This is the moment a motorist drove around one of the busiest roundabouts on the A9 the wrong way – and then did a u-turn.

The incident was captured on Sinclair Bremner’s dash-cam who was travelling south to Inverness when it happened.

He was driving along the main route through the Highlands and slowed down as he approached the Tore roundabout on the Black Isle.

A small black car can be seen coming around the roundabout from the right – only to find itself head-on with a white car coming from the wrong direction.

The black car then slams on his breaks and manages to avoid the other vehicle before continuing its journey.

The offending car can then be seen to do a u-turn before darting off.

Mr Bremner said: “Thankfully it was only a near miss, it could have been a lot worse. We all make the odd mistake, but this could have been a serious one.”