VIDEO: Joint rescue mission to help injured climber on remote ridge

“Awesome flying” by a helicopter crew and the help of a Highland mountain rescue team resulted in a seriously injured climber being airlifted to safety from a remote ridge.

The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team was called out when a climber fell 30 feet down Ptarmigan Ridge. He was stuck on a ledge on Lurchers Crag overlooking Lairig Ghru hill-pass in the central area of the mountain range.

The climber’s companions had managed to lower him down on to the ledge before calling for help.

Team leader, Willie Anderson, said: “This was a serious rescue. We had a seriously injured climber on a ledge, hundreds of feet above the valley floor. From the valley, it’s a carry of several hours to get to the road.

“The ground below was too complex and too serious for self-rescue.”

Because of the inaccessible location, the UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Inverness was called in and two Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team members were winched on board.

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesperson said: “We received the call to assist at 4pm on Thursday. The members of the team were lowered to the ledge with our paramedic to help him treat the injured climber.

“After being made comfortable and stable the casualty was winched on board and taken to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

Mr Anderson added: “When the team members were being lowered down to that wee ledge where the climber lay, they could only admire the skills of the helicopter crew in getting them there. It was awesome flying.”

“Once the casualty was safely in the helicopter and it sets off for the hospital, it doesn’t come back, so the guys had to get down the crag and walk back.

“But it keeps them fit!”

The condition of the climber is not known.

The incident was the team’s fifth call-out in a week.