Pre-application proposals for Black Isle housing developments noted with minimal discussion

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Pre-application proposals for two Black Isle housing developments were noted with minimal discussion at Highland Council’s north applications planning committee yesterday.

Tulloch Homes and Culbokie Community Trust’s proposal for 33 homes including eight affordable houses in land north of The Cairns, Culbokie; and Kirkwood Homes’ proposal for 41 houses in Rosehaugh South, Avoch were put before the committee.

The need for flooding and traffic impact assessments in both developments were highlighted by local councillors.

Councillor Angela Maclean said flooding had been a problem on the B9169 at Culbokie, with the need for more gullies to protect the properties at the lower end of the village.

Black Isle councillor Craig Fraser wanted flooding and drainage to be addressed in both Culbokie and Avoch, with flooding a particular issue in Avoch at the primary school and at the A832 recycling area.

He also stressed the need for traffic impact assessments in both developments, highlighting the dangerous A9 Munlochy junction and the proximity of Avoch primary to the new development.

In Culbokie, he said developers need to address the dangerous lack of footpaths for pedestrians having to walk on to the A9 to catch buses.

Meanwhile, councillors also approved the renewal of Cromartie Estate’s current planning permission for 15 houses on the northern edge of Strathpeffer.

They were told that renewal is required every three years, but there is no indication that the development is imminent.

The site is near the famous Pictish Eagle Stone which lies to the south of the access driveway to the proposed development.

Tongue in cheek, local councillor Margaret Paterson said care would need to be taken around the Eagle Stone.

She said: “It’s an important stone, if it falls over Dingwall could be flooded according to the Brahan Seer. The developer will have to put in a footpath.”