New school bus will go Farr for Highland school pupils

Katherine Wood of Farr High School receives new school bus from Tim Kirkwood and Andrew Adamson of Wildland Ltd
Katherine Wood of Farr High School receives new school bus from Tim Kirkwood and Andrew Adamson of Wildland Ltd

Pupils at Farr High School in the Highlands are celebrating after taking ownership of a brand new school bus thanks to funding from a local land conservation and tourism company.

Pupils will now be able to attend more trips, sports events and days out thanks to the donation from Wildland Limited following an appeal from the school’s parent council.

Acting head teacher Katherine Wood said: “We are thrilled to have a new school bus and are incredibly grateful to Wildland for making this possible.

“Living in such a remote location, transport costs and availability are hugely significant in determining whether pupils are able to access the range of services and events available across Highland region.

“The school is at the heart of the community and having such a generous neighbour is fantastic.”

The 71 pupil school, which first opened in May 1964, has been gifted a 17-seater silver Ford Transit minibus with its first outing expected to be for a football excursion.

Previously the Farr High pupils had shared access to the North Coast Campus minibus, but this is often tied up doing school runs rather than being accessible to pupils wishing to attend extracurricular events or events off campus.

Tim Kirkwood, chief executive of Wildland Limited said: “It is our pleasure to help the local school network in this way.

“We live in such a beautiful area but transport to and from activities can be a challenge and it is important that the pupils have the chance to get out and enjoy everything that the north coast of Scotland has to offer.”

Wildland Limited was established by Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen and owns approximately 221,000 acres of land across three management areas in Cairngorm, Sutherland and Lochaber.

Local councillor Linda Munro said: “I think it is absolutely fantastic for Wildland to come into the community and provide the school with what is needed.

“They have asked all the relevant questions from their early approaches and have been very searching and measured in discovering the background and what things need to be developed.

“The Highland Council has agreed to take on the servicing of the vehicle over the next few years but the gold star must go to Wildland.

“The willingness of the parent council, volunteers and teaching staff to step up and offer to drive the bus has been brilliant and that is where the partnership working in all of this comes together.”