VIDEO: Torrential rain leaves Highland streets submerged

A Highland road remains closed after flooding hit the area.

Emergency services were called to Dingwall en masse soon after 7pm as reports came in of streams of brown water flooding many streets in the centre of the community.

Fire teams from Dingwall, Inverness, Invergordon and Beauly were dispatched to assist residents and make the situation safe.

Crews used pumps to remove the worst of the water from some of the most badly-hit areas – particularly High Street and Burn Place, which were submerged.

Highland Council offered sandbags to residents to help them prevent the flood from coming into their homes.

A number of locals took to social media yesterday to post videos of the sudden rush of water.

In one recording, wheelie bins could be seen being carried down the street on a river of brown floodwater.

Another local, Junie MacPherson, from Dingwall, said: “It all looked fine in the afternoon and then it started pouring with rain. The houses down in the High Street area were at potential risk of flooding.

“There were flooding prevention measures put in place in 2006, and this was supposed to stop this happening again, so I was very surprised to see this happening again.”

A spokeswoman for the fire service said crews were “making good progress” in dealing with the situation.

Highland Council tweeted today Gladstone Avenue remains closed.