Your view: How can we stop children playing ‘chicken’?

We asked members of the public: What do you think of children playing chicken and can you think of a way to prevent it?

“There’s no easy answer. People will say there should be more for the kids to do but maybe parents can’t afford things like that these days?”

Sandra Wallace, 54, foster carer, Drumnadrochit

“The first thing you think is that its really dangerous but can you stop it? I don’t know, kids will be kids regardless of what they are told.”

Pat Gardiner, 64, retired, Kiltarlity

“I think their parents would give them a good telling off. Kids are going to be egged on by their friends so the parents have to try and step in.”

Karen Muir, 39, dog walker, Bunchrew

“They spend too much time on their iPads nowadays. It’s the kind of thing I was doing as a kid and they should be complimented for it.”

JJ Jamieson, 53, projectionist, Lerwick