North teens take fight against climate change to wider audience in Inverness

Eric Ness, 13 a climate emergency campaigner from Nairn.
Eric Ness, 13 a climate emergency campaigner from Nairn.

A young climate change campaigner who strikes outside his school once a week took his fight to a wider audience at the weekend.

Eric Ross held a rally in front of 100 people in Falcon Square, Inverness on Saturday to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and to encourage people to take simple steps to do their bit to protect the environment.

The 13-year-old strikes outside Nairn Academy once a week, but felt it was important to spread the word more widely.

Eric, from Nairn, said: “I think climate challenge is very important, probably the  most important issue facing the world today. There is a real need for us to do something – we can’t do nothing. People can take small steps – share cars, eat less meat.

“I do a Nairn strike every week – but I wanted to make sure we were getting that message to a wider audience.

“I was pleased that we had quite a good turnout in Inverness with more than 100 people coming down to listen to the rally. We have had lots of support online as well. We had to cancel our march due to the weather – but next time we will do that as well.

“We are in the middle of a climate emergency and while politicians say they are going to do something about it – it doesn’t seem like very much is happening at all.

“Governments have made huge decisions about what they want to do, but it doesn’t seem to have made anything happen.”

Eric said he was pleased his actions, and those of other young people across the globe,are being taken seriously and helping to bring the issue into public focus more.

His friend, Lauren Mackay, also takes part in the weekly strikes on a Friday at school. She attended Saturday’s event and told the crowd why she participates.

Asked whether teachers at Nairn Academy supported their action, Eric said: “Most teachers are very supportive of the strike but some have a negative view. But the strike is definitely having an impact and helping people see that there is a climate emergency.”