Man accused of allowing his dog to bite three people

Portree Sheriff Court

A Skye man was yesterday accused of allowing his dog to be dangerously out of control and bite three people.

Donald McPhee, 62, of Glendale, was charged at Portree Sheriff Court that between March and May last year at Holmisdale the collie Nell on various occasions bit David Jones on the body “to his injury”.

Between May and July, the dog is also said to have bitten Iona Craft on the body several times and on October 6 it is said to have bitten Paul Curtis on the body, all at Holmisdale.

McPhee was further charged that having been given a dog control notice on June 6 stating that the dog only be allowed out in his garden, or if in a public area, wearing a muzzle or lead, on several occasions between July 10 and October 6 he failed to comply with the notice.

Fiscal depute Robert Weir asked Sheriff Bill Taylor to continue the case without plea until February 13.