VIDEO: Fond farewell to Tornado jets as they take off from RAF Lossiemouth for final time

Tornado fighter jets have touched down at RAF Lossiemouth for the final time after more than two decades in the sky above the coastal air base.

Five planes from XV (Reserve) Squadron performed fly-pasts of Aberdeen, Tain and Leuchars this afternoon before an emotional salute to ground crews in Moray.

The squadron will be disbanded at the end of the month to make way for a new fleet of Typhoons and the arrival of marine patrol aircraft. Tornados have been a fixture in Lossiemouth since 1993.

Wing Commander Paul Froome, officer commanding XV Squadron, said: “Being able to fly the final sortie of Tornado GR4s from RAF Lossiemouth is a great honour for me.

“The disbandment is a milestone in the drawdown of the Tornado fleet, but I can say hand on heard that every member has delivered an exceptional level of service and commitment to the RAF.”