VIDEO: Going, going, gone… Divers make a splash for charity

More than 60 swimmers took part in one of Moray’s coldest festive traditions yesterday.

Residents in Burghead have been marking Boxing Day with a dip in the North Sea for more than 30 years.

And this year 65 people donned their swimming trunks to make a splash at the port in an effort to raise cash for charities including Prostate Scotland, Burghead Primary School and Moray Fresh Start.

Last night, organiser Jamie Campbell said the event was as popular as ever.

“It went very well,” he said.

“We were worried about the weather, but apart from that it went well.

“Just before the swim started we got a good boost from spectators and we ended up with about 600 people there.”

The event’s future had been put in doubt last year after the organising committee was hit by resignations.

It was also delayed by a spate of bad weather which prevented people from taking the dive.

Mr Campbell howeve stepped in to make sure the event will continue.

And this year, hundreds of people crowded the quayside to watch the swimmers plunge into the water from the pier.

Mr Campbell added: “I would say the event is still going strong.

“We were a little bit disappointed last year, because we had to delay the event due to the weather, but we’re back again this year with more people taking part.

“Everyone is enthusiastic about it and we’re very well supported by local businesses and people in Burghead. Overall, we’re quite positive that we’ll be bringing in more money than before.”

Since the event began in 1985, more than £250,000 has been raised for worthy causes with this year’s donations split between the Elgin Pipe Band, Burghead Community Hall, the Ladybird Group and Logan’s Fund.