Firefighter’s video shows dramatic scenes of Moray wildfire

A firefighter’s video from Paul’s Hill shows the ongoing battle emergency services are facing after a wildfire broke out more that 24 hours ago.

An orange glow engulfs the night sky over the wind farm near Aberlour as the fire rages on.

The video, uploaded by Forres Fire Station, shows how extensive the blaze is from the seat of their fire truck. At one point you can see a single standing windmill cutting through the fire lit sky.

Almost 50 firefighters have been dealing with the blaze using specialist equipment, including a waterbombing helicopter, to help douse the flames.

The direct cause of the fire is unknown however continued dry weather has created dangerous conditions across large parts of Moray.

More than 50 firefighters continue to battle wildfire spreading through Moray countryside

Last year a series of severe wildfires blighting communities such as Hopeman and Lossiemouth.

The public have been asked to be vigilant and do nothing that could potentially cause a fire to begin, with further fine weather expected.