Equipment fenced off at popular Cullen play park due to safety concerns

© JASPERIMAGE Logie Children's in Cullen has been cordoned off by Moray Council.
Logie Children's in Cullen has been cordoned off by Moray Council.

A Moray community has been told to help raise funds to replace ageing equipment at a play park – or lose it for good.

The zip slide at Logie Park in Cullen has been disabled and the playhouse fenced off due to their deteriorating state.

The wood was rotten on both, and council officials have warned the rest of the equipment is not far behind, which could lead to the entire park being fenced off.

Repairs have been authorised, but may take some time due to under-staffing in the parks and leisure department.

The cordoned off play park. Picture by JASPERIMAGE

And now Moray Council has said in order for the equipment to be replaced or refurbished, the community will have to raise the cash and then decide how to improve the play area.

An independent inspection of all of the play equipment in Moray is scheduled for the beginning of August, which will give the community a better idea of what is needed for Logie Park.

Cullen community council chairman Stewart Black wants to gauge the reaction of local people to the potential refurbishment of the park.

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He said: “If there is a willingness amongst locals to progress, even with arms tied behind our back, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for a round the table discussion.

“We have very few on the community council so it would be great if a few folk can help out with this situation.”

Currently, there are three options that can be considered for Logie Park, including installing new individual items costing less than £5,000 through suppliers, installing new equipment worth more than £5,000 through Public Contracts Scotland or completely replacing the park.

The cordoned off play park. Picture by JASPERIMAGE

For all these proposals, money will need to be raised by the community and then utilised by Moray Council.

The cost of ripping out and totally renewing the play area is estimated to cost between £45,000 and £60,000.

A spokeswoman for Moray Council said: “Equipment at Logie Park has been fenced off due to its deteriorating condition.

“It is scheduled for repair, but other play equipment inspections in Moray are to be undertaken before any works can be carried out.”