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Snowed in! Family opens front door to discover nine-foot wall of snow

A huge snow wall has formed at the front door of the Robertson family

Usually, it’s the neighbours that come knocking, however, a huge snow wall has formed outside the front door of this Moray family’s home – completely blocking access.

The Robertsons from Glenrinnes have watched as snow crept closer towards their home over the last few days.

And now, after several heavy drifts, the family are now unable to use their front door.

Mum Laurie Robertson took to social media to share images of the entrance to her house completely blocked.

The snow wall that greets the Robertson Family

Mrs Robertson said: “We are up one of the back roads so if there is snow, more often than not its drifts if there is any wind.

“The snow started drifting across the front last Thursday but we were able to keep on top of it until two days ago.

“Overnight the drift was waist high and every time we cleared the snow away it just blew back in twice as fierce.

“It has slowly got closer and closer to the door and tonight it covered it completely.

“Fortunately we have a back door so we can get out – dinna worry.”

The family, of which there are five, say it has been snowing in the area “pretty much nonstop”.

Huge drifts have made access in and out of the house nearly impossible

Mrs Robertson added: “I have been at home with the kids. We are in lockdown so it is not like we would be going anywhere anyway.

“My husband, Michael, has the contract to clear the road from here up to the main road and until last night he was managing to keep it open.

“He had to call it a day today – the drifts were just too high and we need the blower to come in now and open it.”

The family have not been completely cut off and are still able to have groceries delivered.

“To get our shopping, well, it’s a thigh-high walk through the snowy park to get to the tractor, and then we pull it up with the sledge,” Mrs Robertson added.

“It is an experience and you have to laugh really, there’s no point in moaning.

“We have had some mega drifts over the years but there have been some real monsters this year.”

Laurie and Michael live at home with 14-year-old Campbell, nine-year-old Megan and eight-year-old Natalie, plus their cats.

Mrs Robertson joked: “The drift looking in the window scares the cats.”

The family have had some fun with their new visitor – however, the cats are not too fond of it

She added: “We’re not worried, we are well stocked. You have to be prepared here.

“The kids are very easy going and not fazed at all by it, both being snowed in and being in lockdown.

“They breeze through it all – we are very lucky in that respect.”