North-east villager raises concerns that takeaway restaurant has ‘pumped’ odours into his home

Mr Knowles stands next to the caravan between his home and the restaurant
Mr Knowles stands next to the caravan between his home and the restaurant

A north-east man claims a recently-opened restaurant has “pumped” the smell of takeaway food into his village home.

Mark Knowles’ house on Rathen Road in Inverallochy backs on to the Share House Chinese eatery and said he is worried about the impact it is having on his life.

The former builder is also concerned about a static caravan that was recently lifted into place between his back garden and the restaurant.

He said the green static portable home arrived at the weekend and he fears people will move into it and use it for accommodation.

Mr Knowles said the smell of freshly prepared food is now wafting straight into his property.

He said: “There are three extractor fans and the smell is being pumped out of there and straight into my house.

“And they’ve put a caravan in between my home and the Chinese restaurant leaving a six inch gap at either side. It has just been abandoned there.

“I spoke to one of the women and I think the plan is to put a family of five in it.

“This is a conservation area – you can’t change your front door without planning permission.

“It is just horrendous, it is an eyesore. All I can see out my back window is a caravan.

“We used to have a view of a church and the school is right next to it.

“I rang the council and they are going to send someone to have a look at it.”

Last night Hai Ling, who owns the premises, said she will get in touch with Mr Knowles to talk about the best way of resolving the smell issues.

And she said the caravan would be used by staff to rest and wash up while they are working.

Mrs Ling said: “I have been talking to my neighbour and he said he can do something about the smell. I will arrange to see him.

“The caravan will be used by chefs who need to rest and to get showered.”

Last night, an Aberdeenshire Council spokesman confirmed staff were investigating the complaint.

He said: “This is a new, properly registered food business and so will be subject to inspections by our environmental health service as a matter of course.

“We have been contacted about what appear to be ventilation issues and related food smells, particularly over the last weekend, and we are following this up, in addition to the claims being made about a caravan on site.”