Inspectors praise head teachers after north-east school inspections

© DC ThomsonFraserburgh North School
Fraserburgh North School

A north-east school has made “significant” progress following the appointment of a new head teacher, inspectors have said.

Sharon Mellin took up the post at Fraserburgh North School in September and has already made a raft of improvements.

In a new report, Education Scotland has praised its “motivating and engaging” learning environment and the way parents have become involved in how it is run.

Inspector Susan Gow wrote: “In the seven months while in post, the head teacher has successfully improved the environment of the school building.

“Significant improvements have been made to the play area shared by nursery children and the P1 children working at the early level of curriculum for excellence.

“This now provides a motivating and engaging environment for learning.”

Staff at the school were told to continue developing their system for tracking children’s progress and to involve the youngsters in creating an anti-bullying policy.

Inspectors also paid a visit to Hatton Cruden School in Peterhead, which found that teachers are “ready” to make improvements – also following a recent leadership change.

Education Scotland visited the school in April and found: “Staff have created a supportive and caring ethos where children feel happy, safe and respected.

“Children are enthusiastic about all aspects of school life and eager to take on roles of responsibility.”